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Complete Guide  to Egypt travel & Tours
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Complete guide to Egypt  travel & Tours

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Qasr Ibrim


This area is located 235 KM to the south of Aswan, the, the area is built on high hillock overlooking the Nile opposite Aniba village.

In ancient Egyptian the area was known as PER-MIT, that became PREMIS during the Greco-Roman times and then Ibrim during the Arabs times.

The area is full of monuments that date back to various parts of history, including tombs of the Nubian rulers during the New Kingdom times; they ruled Nubian during Thutmosis III
The citadel had a very important rule through out the ancient Egyptian history and later.
During the Christian area, a church was built in there and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary
The area has yielded so many artifacts that are now in display at Nubian museum.

How to get there

By cruise ship from abu simble or from Aswan

Interesting tips


Ideally the best time to visit outside sites is during the forenoon, when the sun has not yet reached its zenith. Sadly though being ideal is not always possible, especially on a tight schedule, and so the following is a good idea for when sites should be seen

Pharonic sites

Coptic sites

Greco roman

Nubian sites

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