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Complete Guide  to Egypt travel & Tours
Complete Egypt

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Complete Egypt

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Complete guide to Egypt  travel & Tours

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EGYPT General information


Telephones - main lines in use:

10.313 million (2009)

Country comparison to the world: 21


Telephones - mobile cellular:

55.352 million (2009)

Country comparison to the world: 19


Telephone system:

General assessment: underwent extensive upgrading during 1990s; principal centres at Alexandria, Cairo, al Mansoura, Ismailia, Suez, and Tanta are connected by coaxial cable and microwave radio relay

Domestic: largest fixed-line system in the region; as of 2010 there were three mobile-cellular networks with a total of more than 55 million subscribers

International: country code - 20; landing point for aletar, the sea-me-we-3 and sea-me-we-4 submarine cable networks, link around the globe (flag) falcon and flag fea; satellite earth stations - 4 (2 Intelsat - Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean, 1 Arabsat, and 1 Inmarsat); tropospheric scatter to Sudan; microwave radio relay to Israel; a participant in medarabtel (2009)


Broadcast media:

Mix of state-run and private broadcast media; state-run TV operates 2 national and 6 regional terrestrial networks as well as a few satellite channels; about 20 private satellite channels and a large number of Arabic satellite channels are available via subscription; state-run radio operates about 70 stations belonging to 8 networks; 2 privately-owned radio stations operational (2008)


Internet country code:



Internet hosts:

187,197 (2010)

Country comparison to the world: 67


Internet users:

20.136 million (2009)

Country comparison to the world: 21

Interesting tips

Many monuments have signs that say “No Flash Photography”, please obey these signs (you can be ejected from the site if you ignore the sign!). The very bright flash can cause serious damage to some of the ancient paintwork! Some reliefs have depictions that show male genitalia – this is not pornography, so there is no reason to be offended! If you are part of a group (of any size) the leader/guide will explain the reason for the depiction.

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