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Complete Guide  to Egypt travel & Tours
Complete Egypt

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Complete guide to Egypt  travel & Tours

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Nile cruises


We recommend, for health and safety reasons, to choose only the five star+ Nile cruises !.


The cost for one nights accommodation, ranges between $70 and $180, per person, per night in a double room.


There are more than 220 Nile cruisers on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, including 4 star, standard 5 star, deluxe and imperial Ultra deluxe.Nile cruise


Your cabin location


arrow Prices of accommodation depends largely on which deck you have chosen to stay, staying in the lower decks is generally cheaper than “styling it” on the upper deck. Try and obtain a plan of the boat before you book.


Your cabin will be fitted with air-conditioning and a TV set.

Try and avoid engine notice and fumes. Any good cruise boat will keep the cabins that are closer to the engine, for the staff! The guests staying away from engine noise.

There are 3 types of cruises:


1- Three nights cruise - ==> Usually departs from Aswan to Luxor.


The cruise includes the following visits:


-Aswan: The High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Temple of Philae

-Kom Ombo: Visit the Temple of Kom Ombo

-Edfu: visit the Temple of Edfu

-Esna: visit the Esna Temple

-Luxor: visit the west bank in Luxor to see, the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the -Queens, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

(This is a short cruise, good for those who want to get just the cruise experience)

Please Note: It is very important to have a tourist guide onboard during your cruise visits.


2- Four nights cruise - Usually departs from Luxor to Aswan.


The cruise includes the following visits:


Luxor: visit the west bank to see, the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Then visit the east bank to see, the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak.


Esna: visit the Esna Temple

Edfu: visit the Temple of Edfu

Kom Ombo: visit the Temple of Kom Ombo

Aswan: visit the High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Temple of Philae

Felucca boat outing to visit the Botanical Island, a trip to a Nubian village (options)

Visit to Elephantine Island and the Tombs of the Nobles (optional)

*This is a Medium range type cruise, good for those who want more of the cruise experience.


Health and Safety onboard cruise ships:


-All Nile cruise boats are equipped with safety features and life jackets are normally placed under your cabin bed.


-During the daytime, while enjoying the tours, you can wear whatever you like, though due to the extreme heat it is recommended you wear lightweight clothes. While relaxing on board you may wear shorts and swimming costumes, if you wish. But beware of too much exposure to the sun! Apply plenty of high factor sun block!


-You should avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol especially if you have equilibrium problems. You are not just putting yourself at peril, but also the other guests and staff too.


-People with equilibrium problems should not spend too much time on deck at night, on a fast moving ship; it is dangerous in case you fall over.


-Smoking in bed is dangerous; the mattresses are very flammable!


-People who tend to sleep walk should never take a cabin with a balcony, an inside cabin with a window would be far safer.

-Make sure that you know where the muster stations are, in case you have to abandon ship.

-If you get sick whilst on board, some cruise boats have a resident doctor on board. If not, they have doctors assigned in each town that can be called on in case of emergency. .

Interesting tips

We recommend visiting a bank, to change your money, before cruising, as most of the cruise boats do not offer this facility and you will not get access to onshore banks while you are cruising.


Cairo Airport:

Cairo airport is located 22Km to the south east of the centre of Cairo. The trip to, or from, the airport should take around 30 - 45 Minutes. So dear traveller, make sure to leave your hotel at least three hours before your departure time!

-There are two Terminals at Cairo airport. All EgyptAir and domestic flights depart from Terminal one, while all other airlines depart from Terminal two.

-There is no departure tax levied - at the moment! However, starting from next October, a new tax will be implemented. You will not pay it directly as it will be included in the price of the ticket.

-If you fly with Egypt Air, or have connection flights, it is recommended that you confirm your flight, at least 48 hours before departure, it is very important to do that.


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