Stay Healthy




This is the most important thing to consider when on holiday; you cannot enjoy yourself if you are not feeling healthy! Many tourists have health concerns when travelling in other countries and these usually revolve around: the cleanliness of the water; the safety of the food; potential illnesses; and the standard of hospital care.


First of all, when visiting Egypt do not drink the tap water! Not because it is unclean, it is because of the different way in which it is chlorinated; and it does tend to be highly chlorinated!


Neither does it mean that the tap water is polluted; it simply means that you are not used to it, and you might get stomach problems. People from different parts of the world have different microbes in their digestive system, and it is these minute bacteria that can cause many stomach disorders. Egypt’s tap water is only safe to drink once you got used to it, and if you are willing to live in Egypt for a long time. Many foreigners live here and drink the water with no side effects. The obverse of this is true as well, as many Egyptians who travel to different countries suffer from the same problems when drinking water there. So please remember: you have not been poisoned!


Bottled water is plentiful, and cheap, throughout Egypt (though it is advised to purchase this from outside the hotels and cruises; to save some money), just ensure that the seal is unbroken on the bottle(s) you buy. If you stick to this form of water you will be safe, and just leave the tap water for bathing and toiletry requirements (yes, it is safe to brush your teeth with it).


Many forums have people writing in to warn other travelers not to eat the fruit and vegetables, which is total nonsense. Myths have grown up over the years about these food items which have just escalated to the point that some travelers only eat in fast food outlets, leaving the vegetables on the side of their plates. To not eat Egypt’s fruit and vegetables means missing some of the most delicious food sensations you will ever have, though overeating can also be a cause for stomach problems. The fruit and vegetables here are fresh and are mainly grown locally; no trucks carrying them hundreds of miles across country to the markets. Also Egypt’s soil tends to naturally be more organic as there has never been the need to force feed the plants by using too much artificial fertilizer. These 2 factors combine to give the fruit and vegetables a far better taste and texture. Unfortunately, too much of these can cause your microbes to overload; so do not overeat!


You are advised, however, to wash any fruits yourself if you have bought them at a stall in the street or in a market. These vendors do wash them, but if the food has been sitting in the open for a while it is always best giving them a good rinse before eating them. It is safe to eat fruit and vegetables straight from your plate in good hotels, cruises and restaurants as the chefs would have made certain that they have been cleansed correctly. Remember, their reputation is at stake as much as your digestive system.