Egypt Travel Time




Peak travel season in Egypt runs from mid October to May, and this is the best time to visit. As you will notice, the tourist season is during winter and spring, but this is also the high season, and prices go up at this time of year. Some hotels can be really expensive, and because of this, I would advise prior reservations for all hotels before you come, even the budget hotels.


From May until October, the temperatures are fairly high, especially in Luxor and the southern parts of the country, yet summer offers a time to see Egypt in relative peace and quite. It is a huge advantage being able to see the tourist sites without hassle from school children, or from the crowds of tourists. Imagine, piece and quiet to take photographs, without strangers obscuring the view!


Although certain Cairo hotels will fill up with many Arab visitors in the summer, who would rather be here than having to endure even hotter weather in their own countries, advanced bookings are rarely required, and a variety of discounts are even offered, as incentives to them who would brave the heat.


Another very good time to visit Egypt is during the springtime. During spring the weather is fairly moderate, but try and avoid the “The Khamsin wind1” season that runs between March and April, though it only takes a few days and you can handle that so easily ... it is quite an adventure! !!


The Khamsin wind is a warm wind that blows in from the desert, carrying sand and dust!


Some travelers will avoid traveling to Egypt during Ramadan. This is mainly due to the fact that alcohol is not allowed during the month, especially during the daytime! But another reason could be that many of the restaurants are closed during Ramadan, and all tourist sites close one or two hours earlier than usual, causing a shorter time for visiting. But on the other hand Ramadan is a lovely month in Egypt, as it resembles a month-long festival. At night all coffee shops are full of people who will stay up till the early morning hours. It is the time when Cairo (and the rest of Egypt) never sleeps, the time when all people go out to have fun.